Create & Run Your Own The Mobile Loyalty Programme

Tap into the Mobile Revolution & Customer Retention by building your own professional and easy accessible mobile loyalty card!

The Possibilities With A Loyalty Programme Are Endless

The implementation of a customer loyalty and rewards programme has worked wonders for many companies across the world. Getting your customers into your rewards programme funnel is one of the most powerful ways to keep them buying from you over and over again.

Loyalty and rewards programs make your customers feel “special” because they are part of your “discount and coupons” club, which means they get first notifications of any special offers you may have.

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It works in three easy ways:
1. Your customers register for your branded mobile loyalty program then they get their unique mobile loyalty card.

2. Each time your customers buy something from your business or utilise your services, they load the card up and collect one stamp. (See the FAQ below on how collecting stamps works)

3. We get your customer’s name, email and phone so that you can keep in touch with him or her, using the email feature and/or the SMS feature, reward him or her and track stamps.

Oh yes! It is up to you to decide just how many stamps you will need to be filled in. You can also decide the reward or incentive.

Not at all! With our platform, neither you nor your customers will have to download anything. All our mobile loyalty programmes are web based. This means that you can load them from anywhere and will not need to download anything.

You can reward your customers with stamps in three ways.
1. Set up a PIN number for the loyalty program. Each timed you award a customer one stamp, you simply click on the “Stamp” button then enter the unique PIN number. A stamp will then be awarded.
2. We can give you a unique “Stamp” QR code which will be placed at the POS. Also, a scan from your customers’ loyalty card will award one stamp.
3. We can give you your very own Mobile Loyalty Programme account. With this, you will be able to login and then award stamps to your loyal customers with just one click.

Each time a customer of yours signs up to the loyalty program, we get their data for you, namely their name, phone and email. We then store the data for you within your account. You will be able to track exactly who is utilising your loyalty programme and how many stamps each one has gotten. Additionally, you will be able to send SMS messages and marketing emails to the users of your loyalty program any time within our platform, with just one click.

To begin, simply click the button below for an informative walk through of our platform. Allow us to demonstrate how Mobile Loyalty can be of great benefit to your business.

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