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Can Your Mobile Customers/Prospects Find You?

Let’s say one of your happy customers is out and about and decide that they want or need your product or service…

So they whip out their cell phone to get your phone number… but when they land on your company website, the website does not load. And if it does, they have scroll like crazy just to find what they need.

Not only will this be a frustrating experience for your mobile customers, but it’s one that could impact your ability to generate more sales from them.

Nothing can get our blood boiling like the inability to access a company website on our mobile devices – especially when we’re in need.

So if you really want to stay ahead of your competitors make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Our Mobile Builder Has Tons Of Features To Allow You To Create Something Awesome.

  • Create stunning slides for your website that work on every device.

  • Give your website a subtle, classy look with one of our hundreds of free fonts!

  • Add eye-popping images, sliders, videos - you name it.

  • Various lead capture tools built in - start building your email list today.

  • Mobile Builder Pro is WooCommerce Ready

Totally Responsive Mobile Websites

Tons of Elements To Display Content Your Way:

There is not much you can’t do with Mobile Builder Pro. In fact we have more features that you will not likely find any where else. For instance, live data tracking of clicks, calls, optins and more! Be sure to check out our features so you can see for yourself why our mobile website builder is a must have marketing platform!

If you do not have a problem with losing out on getting potential customers then you can put off implementing a mobile site for your enterprise. However, you should know that when you create a mobile optimised version of your website with our mobile platform, you will be able to give your customers an easier way to contact you when they are using their smartphones.

No, you will not have to change your website. Our Mobile builder will work in tandem with the website you already have. All you will have to do is paste a very simple redirect code onto your website. This will detect if the people visiting your website are on a smartphone. If they are, then they will clearly see your mobile site. If they are not, then they will see your desktop website as normal.

A mobile websites is a condensed version of traditional/desktop website, which makes it easier for mobile users to access and navigate a desktop site more quickly. For small business owners, it’s imperative to have a mobile website as most consumers are now accessing the web via their mobile devices.

These days, it’s absolutely essential for local businesses to have a mobile website. Yet, understandably, business owners may wonder if the return on investment(ROI) is worth it and better, yet, will a mobile website help boost ROI. Not only is a mobile website important for the success of your business, but it can certainly boost your ROI.

Check out the features above – our platform allows you to track everything that happens on your mobile site

. Additionally you can upgrade you account and take advantage of The Loyalty card and coupon/special offers tools.

It works through a redirection script. Within your account you’ll get a unique redirect script that will detect people who are using mobiles and will serve these mobile users the mobile version of your website. This mobile version of your website will fit their smartphone screens perfectly. You can choose to install the script yourself or you can have one of our teams install it for you. The wonderful thing is that installation only takes just a few seconds.

No, you do not need to be a web designer. The Mobile Builder is very easy to use. All you have to do is drag and drop the various widgets that you want into the live preview. You can very easily drag in text, galleries, slideshows, images and Google Maps.

See above for the links to live sites. Simply tap the buttons and you will be able to see how they work on your mobile device.

You get 14 days to try Mobile Builder Pro. You can sign up using the button above and use our mobile website builder for free for two full week.
If after the 14 days you want to keep the site, then all you have to do is invest £9.97 per month to keep the site live. You can easily subscribe within your Mobile Builder Pro account.

If you decide not to go ahead, your mobile site will no longer be live and your account will be closed. If you chose to stay with us you will have access to data that no other provider is giving you access to especially for your small monthly fee. We will be able to track the performance of your prospects and customers and how they interact with your business.

To grow your business even more, remember to check out what our Mobile Loyalty Programme and Coupons? Discover what Special Offers can do for your business.

We have a team of custom mobile site designers who have successfully delivered custom mobile websites for various businesses all over the world. If you would like assistance from us or you just need some advice on how to go about moblising your web presence, feel free to contact us.

You can begin by signing up for a free 14 day trial account through any of the buttons on this page. After you have signed up, you will get access to the full mobile website builder and you will be able to create your very own mobile website. You will also find video tutorials that will make the process easier for you. If you are using a smartphone, do switch to a PC or a laptop in order to get maximum use out of this platform.

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