Innovative Kiosk Builder

If you want to engage your clients then loyalty kiosk are a wonderful way of doing this. Your customers can use them to opt-in to an sms list and to start getting updates and offers. Your customers can also utilise them to punch their virtual loyalty card so that they can get points every time they buy towards a prize. You do not have to worry about the technological proficiency of your customers. Nowadays, the average consumer is at least proficient in using their smart phone, iPads and/or Kindle.

In order to create a tablet-based Kiosk, you will not need to know anything about programming. All you will have to do is point and click. The custom wizard will enable you to change pages and it is very compatible with both Apple iOS and Android.

The Kiosk is very easy to use. All you will have to do is choose from one of two available options then opt-in or punch. The customer will be taken to a screen that will allow them to type in their phone number. What sets this particular loyalty programme apart from others is that your clustomers will only be able to punch their virtual cards from the Kiosk. This will prevent anyone from cheating the system.

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