Restaurant/Catering Business

It is vital that restaurants know how to attract new customers while engaging existing customers for repeat business. Our platform offers various innovative and exciting ways to keep your customers engaged, and aware of your brand. JustClick Mobile tools will help market your restaurant, increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Here’s a question for you as a restaurant owner or manager.Would you like to drive customers to your restaurant anytime you desire? Well, it is possible with our mobile coupon platform. This is achievable in two simple ways – you can choose one or just do both 1. Send the coupon via sms through our personal wallet system. 2. Utilise the power of social media and post coupons to Facebook and Twitter. Now you can really measure the effectiveness of your marketing by tracking the open, deletion and redemption rate of each coupon. A powerful must have functionality is that as soon as a coupon is redeemed, it is immediately deleted from your customer’s wallet.

Which restaurant is this platform suitable for? Any. This phenomenal advertising, marketing and customer retaining platform is great for all types of restaurants such pizzerias, buffets and more. Customers simply text the keyword that you have created to 60222 to opt-in and can instantaneously begin to receive information on special offers, discounts. events – you name it, this platform makes it happen.

Appointment Setting Business

If you want your business to save valuable time and increase sales, you need to invest in an efficient appointment setting tool. Our tool will help appointment based businesses such as doctor’s office and hair salon reduce no-shows, stay on top of their appointments so that they can continue to grow their businesses.

The appointment Manager tool allow  2-way text alerts. Even better is the fact that  your customers are able to confirm their appointment or reschedule. This will undoubtedly reduce cancellations and no-shows rates. The appointment reminder makes it possible for you to get more business as you will spent less time making calls to customers who missed their appointments.

Our tool has proven to get  a 70% response rate from customers, leaving you with only 30% of calls to make. This clearly gives you more time to expand your business.

Clubs and Bars

Nightlife business owners constantly have to make every effort to dominate their local area and stand out from their competition. The fact is they need to attract many people to maintain a successful business.

Want to know what can make a club or bar stand the test of time? A mobile marketing system. Why? Marketing to your customers or prospects is very quick and easy to do! Most mobile users are likely to check a text in three minutes! How quickly could you get the word out that your bar or club is the most fun destination? Pretty fast!

You can market your club or bar by creating a custom Keyword. Customers can text to your short code 60222 to optin to receive promotions, discounts, featured guests, special events and so much more.

Gyms and Fitness

We care about our health. Do you? Of course you do. The point is people care about their health and looks. We all love to look and feel great.

Gyms have been a growing industry that have not shown any signs of slowing down over the past few years. Gyms and other fitness businesses, such as martial arts, yoga studios and Zumba dance classes provide multiple options on how people can stay fit and healthy.

Our platform can help you to get more customers in the gym. Simply set up an SMS system that reminds your clients about class schedules, times, and to reserve a spot. You can take it a step further by offering them coupons and invite them to special events.

Stay up to date with customers and members with our great appointment manager tool. Use this tool to remind members of class times or to confirm appointments with personal trainers.

Your customers can opt-in and receive SMS Text Messages that update them about great offers and events.

Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges can also benefit from our mobile marketing platform. They just need to send out rapid and simple text messages alerting parents and faculty about events, closings, projects and more! Your school or college will need to create custom keywords that can be used to opt-in and get information via SMS Text Messages.

How do schools and colleges use our tool? Poll parents or students to find out what they would like to see the school participate in or add to their facilities. Use our simple SMS Poll creator tool to generate your questions and responses.

Schools are responsible for making sure that they are keeping their students and their families informed and safe. With SMS, alerts and important information can be immediately received by the end user.Schools can improve their attendance and turn outs to Parents’ Consultation Evening by sending text to parents and guardians to alert them of their child’s absence, or remind them of the upcoming parents’ evening.

There are a plethora of ways that schools and colleges can use JustClick Mobile platform to provide more efficient services for their members.

Property Listing

Generating many hot, targeted leads for real estate agencies is very possible and easy with JustClick Mobile. Real estate has always a very competitive market, but since the housing crash several years ago along with increased restrictions by banks on mortgage approvals, agents need every tool available to them to increase their pool of buyers.

The property listing tool is a great way to get information out about a property you are selling out to interested buyer. Set up a Keyword that people can text to get more details about the property on sale. Prospects will get immediate access to crucial information such as address, price, number of rooms and so forth via their phones! You can also insert a url (www.yourdomain,com) that prospects can click on to go to your main website or wherever you wish to get more information. When a prospects inquiries you can be notified via email or SMS!

Giving Industries/Mobile Giving

If a Non-Profit Organisation wants to raise more money they should look to mobile marketing. They should make use of mobile traffic but more so, set up a mobile giving platform.

Our mobile technology will allow Non-Proft Organisations to set our mobile websites that receive contributions that go directly into their organisation’s PayPal account.

Mobile users who wish to donate can do so immediately (using their credit card, debit card or PayPal account) without leaving your mobile site.

Test Sample Site By Clicking Here

Vehicle Listing

The vehicle listing tool is a fast and efficient way of getting information out to targeted buyers who are interested in a car or cars you are selling. However, this tool is not just used for selling cars.It is used by auto, boat and motorcycle dealerships to increase the amount of leads captured both on the sales lot and through print advertising.

A vehicle listing can be created with a keyword, a QR code or both.

Lead Generation Companies

If you are a Lead generation company you can use use our platform to increase the quality and contact rates of each lead. In fact, you can utilise this tool to attract targeted leads that can result in more sales.

Keywords and QR codes can be used for both online and offline lead generation.

Local Marketing Consultants

Helping small and large business owners increase their brand awareness and profit margins is both rewarding and profitable.

Whether you have an existing client base or are just starting out, we give you all the tools and instruction necessary so that you can guide your clients in the continued growth of their business.

Gym Industries/Call Centers

If you are a calling centre you can save money using our platform while getting quality leads which can be very expensive. If you are interesting in lowering the overall cost that is typical when acquiring a new client JustClick Mobile will do just that. How? You can use the sms platform to increase the contact rate of outbound calls as well as increase inbound calls from qualified prospects.

Additionally, you can decrease hold time for customer service questions by asking clients to text a keyword that notify the system to send them a form asking them to fill out their details, the issue hey are experiencing and the best time to contact them.

Coupon Magazines and Booklets

Need a way to to encourage customers to return to your offers whenever you wish? Then it’s time to upgrade your clients to packages by including both print and mobile coupons.

Coupons are one time use only and can also be posted to Twitter and Facebook for viral sharing. Reports show analytics for open, redemption and deletion rates for each offer.

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