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We are a mobile consultant company that offers a wide range of  that services to engineer a successful revenue- enhancing mobile marketing campaign for your business. As experts in the field, we bring top quality and cutting edge mobile technology delivering campaigns that impress and engage your customers hence resulting in high conversion rates.  How? Our mission is to test, discover and implement custom and strategic techniques that are unique to your businesses to build customer loyalty and retention.

We are real people working with real clients who have real customers. We value each client and create customised and strategic marketing campaigns to suit their business.

We go the extra mile and beyond to ensure we are not just offering yet another service that everyone else is offering.We focus specifically on customer loyalty and retention.

One of the most common mistakes many small businesses make is that they spend a lot of energy trying to get “new” customers; while ignoring retention efforts to keep their “existing” customers coming back.

In other words, they allocate most of their budget to getting new customers to come through the doors, but hardly invest any of their marketing dollars on keeping their existing customers spending money with them.

To clear it up, a successful business is not about who gains the most new customers; it’s about who gains the most PROFITS in the end. A true “loyal” customer is cultivated over time; not one who makes a couple of purchases and they’re gone.

Business owners who only focus on attracting new customers usually find out the hard way that many of their customers won’t stick around for the long-haul.

Therefore, instead of looking for a million of ways to attract “new” customers, companies must put more attention towards their existing customers.

Our Mobile Websites, Mobile Loyalty Programme, Mobile Coupons and Mobile Apps were designed to address the problems businesses we facing and eradicate the aforementioned mistakes. We offer effective solutions that work.

We are so confident that our methods work that we will gladly put our money where our mouths are and offer FREE trial to prospects. Now you can test whether this marketing platform is suitable for your business endeavours without spending a dime to find out!

To help our clients increase their bottom lines, gain new customers while engaging existing customers, and expand their businesses.

Servicing with honesty and integrity. If our clients are not satisfied, so are we. We endeavour to provide the best services and will do everything within our ability to guarantee customer satisfaction at all times.

We have tested our methods and have experienced many trials and errors. We have undoubtedly learn from the past and would like to spare our clients the hassle and waste of money on marketing that is not measurable or simply does not work.

We would love to have a long term relationship with all our clients. By helping you to grow your business, you will do the same for us. We will continuously review our marketing strategies and ensure we stay up to date with what is working while simultaneously implementing marketing techniques with longevity.

We Design Desktop Websites, Too!:


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