Ready to Hire a Mobile Website Designer?

support-packagesThese days people are used to getting what they want quickly and easily, and the Internet caters to that.  Having a strong presence on the Internet is crucial to staying relevant in the consumer market.  Staying current on the Internet requires more than just having a great site and participating in social media forums, though.  As more and more people are accessing the web solely through their mobile devices, more and more businesses are catering to that sector by building sites specifically designed for being viewed via mobile device.  Unless you are an experienced web designer, yourself, then you’re probably looking at hiring a professional for this niche job.  Here are five things you should know before you hire a mobile website designer:

Experience.  The concept of mobile websites is relatively new, and it requires a new web design protocol.  While it is likely that most web designers are plenty capable of learning how to design mobile sites, it’s not true that they know how to do it until they have actually done it, and successfully, a number of times.  You don’t want to be a guinea pig. Hire experience.

Mobile versus traditional.  Mobile websites are different than traditional websites, in some very fundamental ways.  Even if you have an awesome traditional website, it doesn’t necessarily convert to a great mobile site.  As a matter of fact, odds are your traditional site will look awful as a mobile site.  Be prepared to make some major changes to your idea of what you think a website should be.

Content.  While it may be important to load your traditional website with a comprehensive library of thorough and detailed content (content is king, right?), writing content for mobile websites is a totally different ballgame.  Of course, quality is important, but quantity is another issue altogether.  Your content will have to be short, concise, and to the point . . . which may mean you have to do some major editing before a mobile web designer can use it.

Conversion.  Your mobile site designer will have to know how to create a site that won’t distort when, by chance, it is viewed on a larger screen.  Ask prospective designers for examples of their work, and make sure their sites look good on a variety of screen sizes – mobile and otherwise.

Load speed.  This is important.  Mobile site designers must be able to optimize your site for the quickest load speed possible.  This is another thing you can verify when checking out examples of their work.

As you can see, hiring a mobile website designer takes some special considerations.  Ensure your best results by hiring professionals like us, Mobile Site SEO Pro designers.

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