Creating a company website for your restaurant is an important first step in establishing a strong online marketing campaign. However, this is only half the battle. If you have created the right type of website, your site will act as an automated sales person for your establishment.

The good news is, with the right guidance, virtually any restaurant owner can transform their site into an automated selling machine.

Consider an SEO Campaign

An SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign is a popular marketing strategy that can be used to improve how high your company’s website appears on Google search results pages. You will want your restaurant’s website to always appear on the top spot – or as close to the top as possible. By adding content that is filled with relevant keywords such as “London Cuban restaurant” or “Manchester seafood restaurant” you can start getting higher SEO rankings in very little time.

As part of this effort, always update your content. Adding fresh content to your site will help it remain relevant in the eyes of Google and the other top search engines. The search engines value sites that frequently update their content. An easy way to do this is to add a blog on your site that gets the word out about special dishes, events or offerings from your restaurant.

Make Your Menu Easy to Access and Attractive

You should also include your restaurant’s menu on your website, obviously. However, it’s best to post your menu on an actual webpage and not as a PDF. This makes your menu easier access, easier to read and can help key dishes from your menu get picked up by search engines as it increases your site’s optimization efforts.

Establish an Email Loyalty Club
Set up an email loyalty club to keep your existing customers coming back. This will start building a large following of customers that you can easily contact with a single email.

Send them specials and incentives directly to their email that will bring these customers through your doors again. Put a sign up link right on your homepage to make it easy for visitors to become a member.

Implement Social Media, Images and Videos

Your website should have links to all of your social media pages. This will help make it easier for social media fans to find your website and for website visitors to find your social media pages.

Videos can be a powerful selling tool. Videos are proven to move viewers to take action. Use them not only on your website, but also use a YouTube channel. This is an effective social media strategy that will put your company name in the eyes of more potential customers.

Posting images of your entrees can help sell a dish faster than any paragraph description. By posting pictures on your site, you will convert more visitors into customers. These images can also increase your online presence as these pictures show up in the search engine results.

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